“Kushie” – Caramel w/ Sea Salt

THC: 49.94mg
CBD: 0.19mg
CBN: 0.58mg
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These caramels utilize liposomal encapsulation, similarly to higher end vitamins, which increases the bioavailability and onset time.


2774 Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

Happy Mouth

5 5 1
I love caramel in coffee, on ice cream, or by itself. So you know I had to try this caramel. Let me tell you its was soo good & very sweet. My mouth was so happy. The only disappointing part of it was there was only 1 piece and I was so wanting more. And I'm gonna buy me more too. The high was mellow & I was very happy. But Caramel & Mary Jane can accomplish that all by themselves. I give it 2 thumbs up

This will make any day better.

5 5 1
Not 10 minutes after I ate this one morning I got a phone call which ended in me losing a 13 year friendship, and was disrespected by a different friend and I was still F*CK*NG baked! Do yourself a favor and get this, trust. Although take little bites because it has a butter taste, and use the wrapper to hold it because it's oily.

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