“CBD” – Milk Chocolate

Green Thumb Industries
THC: 99.7 mg
CBD: 140 mg
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These milk chocolates are almost a 3:2 CBD:THC ratio, which makes them ideal for musculoskeletal pain and physical relaxation.  Very similar to the popular P98 milk chocolate, but with better laboratory results.


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Such a beautiful experience

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I am very impressed with these chocolates it’s a high enough THC to get medicated with an even higher CBD so far the ratio seems perfect. Something a lot of people don’t know is when someone blind uses medical cannabis It’s not the same as for someone that can see, the high can become unsettling very quickly but I have had no problems whatsoever with this edible, it took about two hours to take effect and it was really intense really nice, kind of like a warm hug for your brain that then continues to work its way through your body. This edible will definitely be a go to staple medication for me. I will be reviewing this product on my social media channels thank you so much for the recommendation dispensary 33 you guys really are amazing

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