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THC: 25.6%
CBD: 0.2%
CBN: 0.4%
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A product of Bedford Grow’s crossbreeding experiments, this strain combines Girl Scout Cookie and Highwayman strains. As a result, this strain represents the weight and some of the baked cookie aroma that GSC is known for, but adds a cerebral and energizing quality representative of the Highwayman strain, along w/ notes of pine and citrus.


3617 Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

Taste these Cookies!

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I normal don't get very excited about many flower strains. This one however is brilliant. Beautiful shades of green and a shuttle golden brownish tint, not unlike the color of the new President elect's showers. I had this in the morning one day, two bowls worth, and the high lasted about 3 hours our so. Totally able to function about while runing a days worth of errands.

Can't go wrong

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Upon my first visit, I was given the opportunity to try out this pre roll, and I am not disappointed! I love GSC and this is a good cross..relaxing yet functional, eases nausea for me, and my anxiety.

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