Dark Chocolate Brittle

Cresco Labs - Mindy's Edibles
THC: 25.3mg
CBD: 0mg
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A base of three dark chocolates with a touch of milk chocolate forms the base of this brittle.  Topped with smoked almonds, toffee and caramel.


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Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

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I am a chocolate snob, I tell you. And this chocolate rivals Vosges, as well as Theo, etc. Unlike other infused edible chocolate, there is virtually no cannabis flavor. This is DELICIOUS. (The milk chocolate peanut brittle is awesome, too!) It's so good, I suggest having other non-medicinal high quality chocolate so you can keep eating! It's an intense and pleasurable high. It knocked me out--with bliss. Total body melt. Be prepared to be incapacitated. Some people may find 1/4 or 1/2 to be enough for intended effect, but it tastes so good, it's hard to stop. I wish they had a version with 1:1 THC:CBD, in all other ways this is utter perfection.

Normally not my kind chocolate...

5 5 1
but when the 6'2" variety is in short supply I will take this any day! The toasted almonds, touch of caramel, and you get a nice treat with a two hour high. (*Review based of consumption of entire piece.)

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