Dark Chocolate – 1:1

Ataraxia - Gold Leaf
THC: 10mg
CBD: 10mg
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These dark chocolates contain a ratio of THC:CBD that equal 1:1.


2450 Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

Holy Grail

5 5 1
“I LOVE this medicine. I prefer it as an edible, I have found this blend incredibly useful following major knee replacement revision surgery rehab. It eases body and mind, provides a mild euphoria. Depending upon my energy and pain levels, it may bring my body to complete calm, while my mind wanders, dream-like. Sometimes it can be quite sedating--I experience a strong couch-lock at times. This is excellent medicine for body and mind, both physical pain and anxiety, fear, and rumination. It heightens the sensory experiences without being overwhelming, and modulates thoughts toward well-being and ease. Pair this edible with the White Harmony vape cartridge to get immediate onset of symptom relief to hold you over until the edible kicks in at about an hour; can get roughly six hours of pain control. Fabulous taste, high-end chocolate (get it?!) LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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