“Harle Tsu”

Ataraxia - Gold Leaf
THC: 5.9%
CBD: 10.4%
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This strain is a variation of the CBD high Harlequin strain and is most noted for its high CBD:THC ratio. Because the proportion of CBD is greater than the THC content, patients often report little to no psychoactive experience. It is best suited for those who wish to minimize the side effects of cannabis.


1044 Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Good for pain, little psychoactivity

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This strain is an excellent strain for daytime use. It's high CBD content is excellent for pain, particularly bone and arthritis. It can be slightly sedating, so despite its lack of psychoactivity, don't underestimate it. It can slow your responses or make you a bit tired, if ever so slightly. I personally prefer a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD, so this is a great strain to blend with other strains in the balance that is best for you. I personally prefer the Harle Tsu in the vape cartridge for ease of use, but the dry flower gives you all the flexibility to get the best blend of medicine for you. This is a must-have in your medicine cabinet.

Daytime pain relief

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Harle-Tsu is most remarkable to me because of its lack of any extreme tendencies. I tend to start my days with a vaped bowl of this, which essentially doesn't affect my energy or ability to work in any negative way. I definitely consume more of this than some other, more potent strains, and the pain relief from its higher CBD content seems to wear off a little quicker than other strains I've tried, but I feel safe picking this up at any point. I'll also often blend it in with nighttime strains that are better at sedating me and giving me full-body relief for a smoother night's sleep.

Anytime Pain & Stress Relief

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I love this strain! No headaches, very little to no head high and great pain relief. I've found it's also very good for stress and winding down without being knocked out.

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