“Mari Mints” – Chewable Mints

THC: 5.09 mg
CBD: 0.34 mg
CBN: 0.35 mg
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These all natural, gluten-free mints by Kalm Fusion are well suited for low dose patients or those looking for a micro-dosing solution. Each piece is roughly 5mg of THC.


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Loved the idea of an edible for microdosing, and ran out and bought a bunch of these as soon as I saw them. And they were everything I could have hoped for. I let them dissolve in my mouth instead of chewing them, and doing that I'm starting to feel the effect much sooner than a normal edible, and also it just provides a relaxing effect while still being clear headed. I still want to experiment more to determine if these suffer the same as other edibles in terms of variable dosing/unexpectedly too high, but for my limited usage so far these seem like they may in fact be perfect for others who want an easier and more discreet way to microdose.

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