“Strawberry / Kiwi” – HC Distillate Cartridge

THC: 86.18%
CBD: 0.27%
CBN: 0.63%
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Distillate refers to concentrates produced via the process of Fractional Distillation. This process allows specific cannabinoids to be separate and refined. Distillates typically have very little taste or aroma, which is why this version was created using a novel flavoring. The HC refer to the original extract, which was created using hydrocarbons.


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Don't Know

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Two weeks ago I purchase the pen strawberry kiwi, It was not strawberry ki after a few days I brought the pen back and the Lady check it out and said no it's not strawberry. The Lady said she would replace it that was good, I get home and check it out, Again it was not S. kiwi. It had a bad taste!!

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