The 2×3 Flights of Fancy – GTI

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  • 2 grams “Colorado Chem” THC: 23.63% CBD: 0% CBN: 0.57%
  • 2 grams Black Cherry Soda THC: 20.00% CBD: 0.52% CBN: 0%
  • 2 grams Golden Goat THC: 22.00% CBD: 0% CBN: 0.66%
$75 / Flight


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Favorite of the Flights

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This flight gives you two great strains (Colorado Chem & Golden Goat) that are great for daytime use. The Golden Goat left me a little foggier than the Colorado Chem, so just a heads up with that. Also, they are both great for if your looking for something uplifting. Black Cherry Soda is great for a vegging kind of day or evening where you'll be sitting more of the time.

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