Play the Waldos Forever Video Game starting 4/16/2021

We converted our annual Waldos Forever Street Festival into Chicago’s first 8-bit 420 video game! The game’s main character is an extraterrestrial stoner— a Waldo like most cannabis consumers found in Chicago and beyond.

Waldo embarks on a mission to visit their favorite cannabis dispensary on Planet Earth, Dispensary 33, to celebrate the annual cannabis holiday. Along the way to Dispensary 33, Waldo must beat 3 levels, soaring through clouds in the Windy City, jumping across train cars on the L and dodging the infamous Chicago rats, pigeons, and wind gusts.

Every first-time player is automatically entered to win our 420 Grand Prize and will receive a $10 off coupon to Dispensary 33 via email (coupon valid starting 4/21).

TIP: Keep an eye out for the Chicago-inspired Secrets

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  • Bambi Banks-Couleé
  • DJ All The Way Kay
  • DJ Tess
  • Denali
  • Lucy Stoole
  • Ramona Slick
  • ShowYouSuck
  • Tenderoni
  • White Mystery


  • Brought to you by Dispensary 33
  • Produced by White Mystery
  • Programmed by Jordan Davis
  • Photo art by Mugi
  • Engine by Dale Coop
  • Music by Spun Out Productions