Recreational Cannabis FAQs

We serve a limited # of 21+ recreational customers each day. Here's how to shop:

1. Morning In-person: we open 9am and check in as many people as we can in-person each day. You’ll check in to our paging system, given an estimated wait time and come back within 1 hour of getting your text notification.
2. Online Reservations: Reserve a spot to come shop in the afternoon. You can come any time during your time window.   These go fast and are not available every day, but it’s pretty dope if you get one.

Anyone with a valid 21+ ID will be able to come into the dispensary and make a recreational purchase! This includes out-of-state ID’s and passports.

  • IL residents can purchase up to 30g of flower, 5 grams of concentrate, and 500mg THC for edibles and infused products.
  • Out of state customers can purchase up to 15g of flower, 2.5 grams of concentrate, and 250mg THC for edibles and infused products.
  • IL Medical Cardholders can purchase up to 2.5 ounces (70.87g).
  • Recreational customers and patients can consume cannabis at their home, in their backyard, back porch or private residence. Landlords and property owners can ban consumption at their discretion.
  • Where is consumption is NOT allowed?
    • Public places like bars, restaurants, hotels, public housing and assisted living homes will not allow consumption.
    • Places that are ‘publicly visible’ also will not allow consumption, like your front yard or front porch.
    • Consumption in your car is not allowed.
  • We carry a range of the highest quality cannabis products available in Illinois, including dry flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, vape pens, concentrates, topicals, sublinguals and more. However, supply is likely to be limited for quite some time.
  • Dispensary33 keeps its menu updated with current inventory. You can find our menu here.

Dispensary33 will be open 9AM-9PM every day. Hours for rec customers will vary according to product availability, so join our email list and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date.

When you first arrive you will be checked into a texting system and given an approximate time of how long the wait is. Then you can go about your day until you receive a text and will only have to wait a few minutes before being able to shop.

D33 is cash only. We have ATMs inside with a low .50 cent fee for convenience.

  • Medical cannabis card holders registered at D33 can skip any lines.
  • We segregate medical products to ensure we maintain a constant and broad selection, and medical patients can always purchase from all products for sale. Recreational products often sell out.
  • Medical cardholders pay a 2.25% pharmaceutical tax that is included in the price of product while recreational customers will pay the following total tax rates:
    • 20.25% on flower
    • 30.25% on edibles
    • 35.25% on cartridges and concentrates

No. We need to check your ID only to confirm your age, no personal identification is placed into our system. Your anonymity is assured.

Still have a question?  Shoot us an email