Medical Cannabis FAQ

First, you must be registered at D33 in the State system – if you need to switch, then you  must change dispensaries through the State portal, using the same login used for applying for a card. Dispensary change requests will go through within minutes. If you have not already set up an account on the portal you will need to do so, using your qualifying patient info.

Once you’re registered at D33 you can come in any day between 9am and 9pm. Medical patients can skip any line formed by recreational purchasers – just show your medical card to the security guard and come right in!

Once you’ve completed the intake material on your first trip, you’ll be able to use our pre-order system on our medical product menu.

We always privilege product access for the medical market. Medical patients can purchase any products available for rec (at the medical tax rate). Even when we have no product for recreational customers, there will be a full supply for medical patients.

If you have had your card for less than three years, you only have to extend your card online here. If it has been three years since your last doctor’s certification, then you will have to get that renewed as well. If you are looking for a different doctor, you can email us and we will provide you with a list of doctors in the area.

Yes! There are 3 primary reasons:

  • Medical cannabis card holders registered at D33 can skip any lines.
  • We segregate medical products to ensure we maintain a constant and broad selection, and medical patients can always purchase from all products for sale. Recreational products often sell out.
  • Medical cardholders pay a 2.25% pharmaceutical tax that is included in the price of product while recreational customers will pay the following total tax rates:
    • 20.25% on flower
    • 30.25% on edibles
    • 35.25% on cartridges and concentrates

To replace a lost card, fill out this form and submit it along with a $25 fee to the IDPH.

Still have a question?  Shoot us an email