Blueberry Space Cake – BHO Live Resin

Cresco Labs
THC: 63.83%
CBD: 1.89%
Not Available For Pre-order
Part of Cresco’s new Reserve line, this strain is the product of an Outer Space and Alien Dutchess cross. In Live Resin form the aroma stands out immediately with notes of fresh blueberry and complex floral notes. The effects are vibrant with a multifaceted cerebral effect at low temp. Muscle relaxation and physical euphoria become more noticeable at higher temperatures. Complex and fragrant.


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Simply Wow

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I have never had anything that tasted just like it should. The blueberry is apparent in the smell and taste. This is probably the best live resin I think Cresco has come out with. This is something you can smoke and use to focus on whatever it is you have to do. Perfect for day use.

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