“Cherry 1:1” – Gummy

Cresco Labs
THC: 10.00 mg
CBD: 10.00 mg
CBN: 0.00 mg
These gummies were created using a winterized CO2 oil. The roughly equal ratio of CBD:THC creates a more physical and sedative experience and is quite useful for sleep aid or for longer term relief of musculoskeletal pain.


4255 Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.


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One of the best edibles I've had. First, they taste good. Only a hint of weed taste. And they work really well. The effects are more pronounced at a lower dose than the other edibles I've tried. And, perhaps it's because of the high CBD, the effects are euphoric but very, very relaxing.


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Excellent edible! The flavor is nice, and the effect on pain is quite good without much of a "buzzed" feeling, due to the 1:1 ratio of thc to cbd. This is great for daytime. It begins to work pretty quickly- for those unfamiliar with edibles, I'd start with half a piece.

excellent for anxiety

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These taste so much better than the orange ones, and I like that they are individually wrapped so I can just carry one around with me. They're great for helping me sleep through the night or get back to sleep. I find that just one is pretty great for keeping some of the acute burning pain down during the day at work.

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