Gel Pen – CBD

Mary's Medicinals - GTI
THC: 5.14mg
CBD: 100mg
CBN: 0.00mg
Not Available For Pre-order
These transdermal Gel Pens work very similarly to the patches. The gel “matrix” works by penetrating the stratum corneum, into the dermis, and thereby entering the bloodstream. These gels are different from other “Topical” applications, which work only on the very surface of the skin.


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Surprisingly effective

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Over time this has become my favorite cannabis product. It's portable, discreet, fast acting and long lasting. The CBD works well on dulling my joint pain and on its own is great for bedtime, but I like dosing in 1:1 mixture with a THC gel--Sativa for day, with Indica for serious pain and sleep. If you like the patches, you'll like this. The dispenser is tricky at first but I like the dosage amount (fairly small). Makes it easy to control. I wonder about the shelf life as mine is starting to yellow, but it still seems effective.

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