“Sativa” Gel Pen – THC

Mary's Medicinals - GTI
THC: 97.5mg
CBD: 0.00mg
CBN: 1.26mg
These transdermal Gel Pens work very similarly to the patches. The gel “matrix” works by penetrating the stratum corneum, into the dermis, and thereby entering the bloodstream. These gels are different from other “Topical” applications, which work only on the very surface of the skin.


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Great all-day "background" medication

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I was skeptical about this product, but after using it for a week straight (and then refraining from using it for a few days to make sure I could attribute the effects to the pen), I have to say it really works. I find it to be lovely for managing stress/anxiety. I put one little dab on each wrist or ankle in the morning, and all day I feel lightly cloaked in calm. Even high-stress situations feel like not that big a deal if I have put this on in the morning. As a bonus, it smells great! Only complaint is it can be hard to dispense from the design of the pen, but once you get the hang of it it's easy.

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