“Gorilla Chew” – Fruit Chew

Revolution Cannabis
THC: 80mg
CBD: 0.25mg
CBN: 0.34mg
These Sour Apple fruit chews are ideal for those who require more potency per dose. At 80 mgs of THC per piece, “Gorilla Chews” allow for a high dose w/o the need to consume a large quantity of sweets.


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Perfect High-Potency Edible

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The Gorilla Fruit Chews are a perfect option for those who require high-potency dosages in edible form. It's also easy to divide up and utilize for incremental dosing if needed. And to top it off, it has a pleasant tangy flavor that isn't overpowering and doesn't feel heavy to eat or taste overly sweet. Don't get me wrong, they're definitely tasty! Just it's nice to have a lighter-tasting option. They are indeed potent and I tend to have a high threshold for edibles. Many do not work for me. However, these worked great and provided my most important features: Pain relief, lightened mood/euphoria, muscle relaxation, and a high that is full-bodied but still clear-headed. You can easily store these with some mixed candy (though of course be careful you, the patient, are the only one who can access them of course) if you have a need for discretion. Once out of their safety packaging with lab reports they are nice, long, classic-looking candies that you won't feel self-conscious taking. Definitely recommended for those seeking a discrete and effective high-potency edible.

Just Wow!

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I am the type of person that requires high doesages and the time I ate a whole one of these I was feeling no pain for about 2 hours once it kicked in. Next time I had one I only ate half and it was the perfect amount.

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