“Indica” Blend – Tincture

Green Thumb Industries
THC: 98mg
CBD: 0mg
CBN: 0mg
Not Available For Pre-order
Modern day tinctures actually tend to be dilutions of concentrated oils, as opposed to the alcohol extractions that are common in alternative health stores. The reason for this is that this allows for very precise formulations of cannabinoids. This THC dominant tincture uses pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin.


3545 Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

Great for Sleeping

4 5 1
This really helped me sleep straight through the night and helped with restless leg syndrome. I’m almost finished with the bottle. When I started I only needed one dropper. Now, a couple of months later two are needed. I’d give 5 stars but I noticed that taken alone, it helped me fall asleep but not stay sleep. In order to sleep through the night I had to also use the vape pen. Now I use two droppers and one pull from the vape pen. I’ll try three droppers alone and see what happens. I’m new to all this so I’m experimenting with what works.

Heaven In a Bottle

5 5 1
I have tried numerous products to help me sleep. This is by far the best. It gave me 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep with zero morning daze. No reason to try anything else, this is THE product of choice. Many Thanks Rythm

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