“Mandarin 1:1 SOURS” – Gummies

THC: 18.42 mg
CBD: 23.06 mg
CBN: 0.00 mg
A pectin based gummy made with all natural flavorings. The roughly equal ratio of CBD:THC creates a more physical and sedative experience and is useful for sleep aid or for longer term relief of musculoskeletal pain.  


7178 Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.


5 5 1
These taste good and offer enough THC and CBD to chill any anxiety that might try coming into your space. I wish they were sold in greater quantities, for less money of course. And I also hope to win the lottery;)


5 5 1
Learn your dosage, less is more. No hang over feeling. You feel like you are taking care of yourself. Like how you feel after a massage. Does taste good.

Great for pain & anxiety

5 5 1
Fantastic. Great for pain, great for anxiety, and doesn’t leave you tired or out of it. Plus, they’re delicious!

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