Pre-98 B.K. – Milk Chocolate

GTI - Rythm
THC: 99.99mg
CBD: 116mg
These milk chocolates are perforated into 4 pieces.  Each piece is approximately 17mg THC and 25mg CBD.


2348 Overall rating: 4 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.


4 5 1
Between 5pm and midnight it was very apparent that CBD tremendously enhances these chocolates. I ate the whole thing. I'm a big guy. A mellow cerebral experience lasts several hours as the physical effects slowly build into a wonderful full body relaxation. Both the cerebral and physical effects last several hours. It was easy to process and release my tension with a few deep breaths during the rare moments of anxiety. The last hour or two were extremely body-centric and physically relaxing. Excellent for an extended session of low-stress physical activity such as yoga. Four stars because the ingredients include sugar.

Excellent edible

4 5 1
I love the nearly 1:1 THC:CBD in this chocolate; which is ideal for me. Unlike the other reviewer, I'm a petite person and could find relief with half of one square (1/8 of the bar), so a little can go a long way depending upon your individual body and symptoms. It provides good pain relief, and calming relaxation. I'm glad they used real sugar. I've given it four stars instead of five because the flavor and quality simply can't compare to Ataraxia's White Harmony 73% dark chocolate with sea salt for a 1:1 edible, or the amazing taste of Mindy's chocolate brittles. I also prefer edibles to be packaged in 10mg pieces; when I have to cut them smaller sometimes they shatter a bit. However, it remains a strong contender, and is well worth a try. Good stuff.

A very subtle wow!

4 5 1
Another ⅛ bar user, I'm a smaller guy (145 lbs). I took the bit around 5PM and went about the evening not really paying attention to it. Since the dose of ⅛ bar is a little less than gummies or goobies, there was less of an effect on my consciousness. No sense of being high from THC or stoned from CBD. I just felt ... pleasant. Once I laid down and was no longer distracted by life, I was very easily able to relax. I closed my eyes, put on some music, and drifted off happily to sleep. The next day (it's 2:30pm now) has been calm and w/o stress or muscle spasms. I just feel "good". The only negative is that the taste is less than ideal. But then again, this isn't candy.

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