SSWW x Bubba D – HC Live Resin

Revolution Cannabis
THC: 54.49%
CBD: 22.29%
CBN: 0.75%
Not Available For Pre-order
A cross between Super Silver White Widow and Bubba Diesel, the really interesting aspect of this concentrate is the high CBD content. At roughly 2:1 THC:CBD, this is a unique formulation particularly useful for musculoskeletal pain and sedation. The flavor is very citric up front with a marked floral bitterness, similar to cooked lavender.


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Incredible for Intense Pain

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It's no surprise that this high-CBD count concentrate is absolutely incredible for pain. The effects go even beyond what the high labs indicate in relieving musculoskeletal pain. This Super Silver White Widow and Bubba Diesel mix has all the best properties of its impressive lineage with the happy euphoria and intense body high that still allows you to function. At higher doses there will be couchlock and sedation so it's great for sleep. But it's also excellent for day-time medicating for those with intense pain as it will increase functionality due to the relief. The euphoria, head high, and calming effects are excellent for anxiety and depression as well. The taste and texture are exceptional too. D33 offers a great and accurate description in that it is indeed quite citrusy and has a sort of heated lavender aftertaste. It's bright and potent just like the strain itself. And the texture is excellent for a sauce. I enjoy sauces quite a bit but sometimes they are a difficult consistency to work with (too thin and goopy with or without freezing in a way that often makes it easier to mix them with harder forms of concentrate like pull-n-snap/harder shatters rather than enjoying them alone). There is a pleasant grittiness to this sauce sort of like a sauce that's been mixed with a sugar/live resin concentrate. This makes it easy to transport from container to vape/rig/etc. Your dab tool won't get goopy as easily. Highly recommended especially for severe pain, anxiety, and depression.

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