“Watermelon SOURS” – Gummies

THC: 19.87 mg
CBD: 0.00 mg
CBN: 0.00 mg
A pectin based gummy made with all natural flavorings.


7177 Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

Best Edible ever

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I really wasn’t sure at first I’ve had some unfortunate experiences with edibles but the high from this watermelon sour gummy is incredible starts off in the head and then works its way through the body for somebody like myself who lives with severe chronic pain and PTSD my night was incredible I ate my first one at 7 PM by 9am i was feeling good and slept a full 6 hours Six hours sleep for me is extremely rare thank you for the recommendation you guys at dispensaries 33 are amazing

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