White Harmony – Ethanol + Terpenes

Ataraxia - Gold Leaf
THC: 41.58%
CBD: 41.83%
CBN: 0.00%
Not Available For Pre-order
Not much is known about this strain’s lineage. Possible a cross between White Widow and Harmony or even a cross between The White and Harmony, though neither explains the high CBD profile found in this strain. The near 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC, makes this a unique offering, suited for many applications


2298 Overall rating: 4 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

Harmonic Balance

4 5 1
The one to one ratio of CBD:THC is very appealing for its tendency to minimalize psychoactive effects. White Harmony is my new favorite due to the moderate physical relaxation paired with a very cerebral or heady sensation. Calming yet not couch-locky. Flavor is best on a medium heat setting (if you have the option to adjust temperature). Four stars for excellence. This cartridge clogs a bit after every puff.

Best. Vape. Ever.

5 5 1
This is my *favorite* medicine. For substantive symptom relief I prefer it in edible form, preferably the sea salt dark chocolate, or the orange gummies. This vape pairs beautifully with them for immediate symptom control, before the edible kicks in. Excellent pain relief, ease of anxiety, mental rumination, provides mild euphoriaand joy; good for body and mind. In the vape cartridge form, you have immediate ease of use and discretion, and can dose very precisely. Please, please, keep carrying this. I want to have it in my medicine cabinet at all times. If I could have only one, this is it.

Won't buy again

2 5 1
I heard great things about White Harmony and wanted to try it for myself. It was effective at first, but after a few weeks of use, I started feeling really tired and worn out. It felt like I had to use more and more to get the same pain control. I didn't connect that the fatigue might be related to the strain, because it also made me jittery if I vaped too much. When switched to a 2:1 THC/CBD my energy increased, with more consistent pain relief and much less breakthrough pain. The cartridge is also a pain. Even using the revolution battery, priming and warming it up, it clogs so much that some days it's unusable. It's impossible to be discreet when I have to futz around with it so much.

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